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How to Get Off the Karma Merrygoround

 Karma Merrygoround


Hypnosis and NLP Can Change Your Life!

Watch the video below to get an idea of what my office is like, where it's located. It is a quiet and safe environment where you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of hypnosis and NLP. Call today for an appointment. I also do phone sessions if you live out of the greater Orlando area. 407-898-7918


Here is a fascinating past-life regression I conducted recently. In the regression, the client recalled his previous life as an ancient Samurai Master. Regressions are always interesting and so often they are life changing. This regression was a very positive experience for this client. Enjoy!



Hypnosis     is a fast, effective and safe techinique to create positive changes, and access the inspiration and guidance that lies within.
NLP    (Neourolinguistic Programming)  can help to redirect thinking, provide motivation, and creat life-changing effects by essentially re-programing your thinking to put it simply.
Meditation    is a practiced technique of relaxing, letting go, and achieving a mental and spiritual state that promotes inner peace and mental focus.
The synergy of these three pracitices is amazing   ! Meditation is so marvelous for keeping oneself in touch with their spiritual center and maintainin a calm focus. Interestingly, Hypnosis can almost instantly achieve many of the positive benefits of meditation. Add the powerful and transformative techniques of NLP and you have a recipe for rapid   , and easy    life changes.


If this all sounds a bit over-the-top and too much to believe, I understand. Every week, even after many years of seeing clients, teaching classes and speaking at special events, I still find myself in awe at the amazing changes, and spiritual awakenings experienced by my clients.

Hi. My name is Diane Ross . I have practiced hypnosis and NLP professionaly for years and taught and practiced meditation many years before that. Believe me when I say that these techniques can truly change your life  and can also uncover the most astounding spiritual insights and guidance that reside within all of us. I feel blessed and privileged to help so many people improve their lives and am honored to welcome you to this website.

Please "click" around for more in-depth information or follow the links to my product pages for a wide selction of hypnosis sessions and live classes on cd that can truly be the catalyst for creating a new you that is the best you can be and feel.

If you reside in Central Florida or are visiting and would like to attend a class, click onthis link  to my personal website, dianeross.com. That site has constantly updated shedules for my classes and teaching events. You can schedule a private session or book an experential live event by sending an e-mail to    . I look forward to hearing from you.

Diane L. Ross

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Diane is certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Diane is also a member of the International Association of Past-Life Research and Therapies, a charter member of the Hypnosis Educational Association and a member of the local chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists.
Diane has over a decade experience as a professional hynotist and much longer as a meditation teacher. In that time she has helped thousands of clients achieve a better quality of life in private sessions and the many classes she teaches.





Diane's new Book, Meditations for Miracles is now available! 


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The power of this work ripples through my life
I started with Diane to give up smoking.
My smoking habit disappeared because I was too excited
about getting a new sense of my ideal self!
This new sense of my self is so important in
supporting me through anything I do...and it's
penetrated so deeply that sometimes just breathing
will bring me back to a place of contentment -
a contentment from knowing I can allow myself to feel
fully empowered.

Thank you!
Angela Patterson